Sunday, October 11, 2015

Good Points on the TPP from the EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has penned an excellent analysis of the IP provisions of the Trans-Pacific Partnership text that you can read in full here.

Something that I did not appreciate when I read the leaked language of the IP section was how the restrictions applied to users tend to be mandatory, while the rights given to them tend to be discretionary.  Which of course makes sense if you accept the contention that major content providers significantly influenced the (secret) negotiations the led to the TPP.  

Frankly, much of the IP language of the TPP tends to impose the regimes currently in place in the US, which is why it may be harder for me to be shocked to see them in this document.  At any rate, the EFF's analysis offers a fresh perspective on what the appropriate limits should be on both content owner rights and user rights.  Good reading.

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